Tom Davies Retirement

Many clients have inquired as to the particulars of the transition from Tom Davies to Davies-McGrath Law Office, P.C.  Past and present clients of Tom Davies have received written notice regarding their options in this transition process.

Below is a bullet point summary of some important information to help you understand the transition process.

  • Tom retired on August 1, 2016 and surrendered his law license.
  • Tom has been retained by McGrath Law Office, P.C. to serve as a consultant, and is available as an aid to Pat McGrath as needed at any time in the future.  Therefore, if your matter requires Tom’s perspective from prior work he has done in the past, Pat McGrath can get Tom’s perspective.
  • All of Tom Davies’ files have been retained by Davies-McGrath Law Office, P.C.
  • Davies-McGrath Law Office, P.C. maintains the same office, phone number and mailing address.
  • Rose and Carrie, Tom’s legal assistants, continue to work at the Morton office for Davies-McGrath Law Office, P.C.
  • Attorneys Pat McGrath is available to meet and assist clients at the Morton office.  Pat will also continue to see clients in Mackinaw
  • Attorney Teresa Dickinson will work full time at the Morton office, and will also be available to assist clients.